Fire evacuation – how we can help

Evac Services provides fire evacuation schemes for the following types of building:

  • banks
  • factories
  • kindergartens
  • schools
  • office blocks
  • shopping malls
  • apartment blocks
  • restaurants
  • food courts
  • accident and medical centres
  • boatyards
  • wharf buildings

Does your building provide facilities for more than 10 employees?
Do 100 or more people gather there for different purposes or activities?
Is accommodation provided for more than 5 people?
Are hazardous substances stored in the building?
Are early childhood facilities provided?

If any of these apply, contact Evac Services and we can help you in finding a solution to your Fire Evacuation requirements.

“Fire Evacuation schemes greatly contribute to fire safety by providing a mechanism for building occupants to safely evacuate the building”

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