In today’s current climate, it is becoming increasingly important to have a procedure in place for an emergency lockdown situation?

A lockdown is an emergency procedure intended to secure and protect occupants of a building or surrounding community who are in the proximity of an immediate threat.  No one is allowed to enter or exit the building

There are different types of lockdowns, as a result of the threat situation:

  • Shelter-in-Place – Usually an external health hazard where building evacuations are not recommended.
  • Internal Threat – This threat exists when the danger is inside of the building or premises. The main focus of this procedure should be to keep everyone safe until the threat is completely removed.
  • External Threat – This type of threat occurs outside of the building or premises. The aim of this lockdown is to prevent the threat from entering the building or premises.
  • Full Lockdown – This scenario involves a serious threat that requires immediate action.

Depending on the scenario of the immediate threat, lockdown procedures may include any or all of the following:-

  • Announcement of the lockdown ensuring that all staff can hear the announcement, including those who may be outside the building in playground areas;
  • Nominating a specific lockdown location;
  • Locking of all exterior doors and windows;
  • Turn off all lights;
  • Securing and covering windows;
  • Moving all people away from windows and doors;
  • Clear hallways and bathrooms;
  • Taking attendance of all staff and /or students if in a learning establishment.

Businesses often have evacuation plans and practice emergency fire evacuations, but are you and your staff educated and informed on what to do when a lockdown is the safer option than evacuation? Well-trained staff are confident staff.

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